Planning Consultancy

Caldecotte Group’s team of in-house planners are on-hand to offer strategic planning and development advice for all of our clients, big or small. Our Planning Consultancy Services include Pre-Application Enquiries; Application & Appeals, Supporting Surveys & Reports and Site Promotion. 

Development proposals in the UK are governed by ever-changing local and national policies. Understanding these policies and pieces of legislation is vital if a proposal is to stand any chance of being delivered.

At Caldecotte Group, our dedicated team of in-house planners are constantly reviewing changes to planning policy at both local and national levels. By doing so, we can ensure that when we submit a planning proposal, it will be in line with the latest government directives – thus giving it the best possible chance of being approved.

We offer the same strategic planning and development advice to all of our clients, no matter how big or small. Our team of expert planners can undertake a wide range of planning casework across the UK; including site promotion, minor and major residential, mixed-use and commercial projects. We can project manage a proposal from the initial feasibility stage, right through to the delivery of a planning consent. Scroll down to learn more about Caldecotte Group’s Planning Consultancy Services.

Pre-Application Enquiries
Caldecotte Group is able to both formally and informally approach Local Planning Authorities on our clients’ behalf in order to seek opinion on proposals which are contentious or where planning policy is not well defined. This enables the best professional advice to be provided, enabling the preparation of a short or long-term strategy to achieve end objectives.

Applications & Appeals
Securing planning permission can be a particularly tricky process, and each type of application has its own potential challenges and obstacles to overcome. Knowing how to navigate these issues is an essential requirement if a successful outcome is to be achieved. Our planners have the talent, experience and knowledge base to prepare, submit and monitor all types of proposal at both application and appeal stage (if necessary).

Site Promotion
If current planning policy prohibits development, but there may be an opportunity in the long term, Caldecotte Group planners are able to submit sites for consideration during consultation periods for land allocations and monitor the progress of Development Plan Documents to ensure that our clients’ sites are promoted at the right time and for the desired use. Where necessary, we are able to engage stakeholders (the local community, adjacent land owners among others) at early stages to assist with site promotions and site assembly.

Supporting Surveys and Reports
Our network of contacts across the UK enables us to provide competitively priced supporting surveys and reports. Our approved specialists actively assist and help our clients achieve their end goals with the preparation of detailed site/building survey, providing expert advice on bespoke matters such as highways, ecology and sustainability. Caldecotte Group are here to support you throughout every stage of the process.