A Specialist End-to-End
Real Estate Consultancy

Formed in 1996, Caldecotte Group has established itself as one of the leading
authorities in specialist real estate services in the UK.

About Caldecotte Group

We have built our trusted reputation on expert professional services. We believe in building true relationships with our individual clients, embedding ourselves into their operations with a tailored management approach. This allows us to truly relate and strengthen their business model. 

Our long-developed expertise and nationwide coverage allows us to deliver change quickly and effectively. We ensure this is the case by regularly investing in our people, our technology and our incentivisation strategies, driving savings in the supply chain along the way. We endeavour to reduce costs without compromising on service or quality.

Property Management Services

For over 20 years, Caldecotte Group have helped many individual clients and PLCs to realise value from exploring alternative use opportunities within their estates. Alongside this, we have more recently reviewed the way that many companies operate their maintenance management and have found the cost, service levels and communication provided by contractors on reactive maintenance and compliance, to be pretty poor to say the least.

Keeping your assets up and running, whether through routine or preventative measures, and providing a prioritised response to your individual needs is our number one goal as well as the implementation of a bespoke plan to achieve this.

Property Listings

Established in 1996, Caldecotte Group has been proud to offer expert real estate solutions to clients across the United Kingdom for over 20 years.

Thanks to the nationwide coverage we offer, Caldecotte Group operates a full commercial estate agency and are able to provide professional valuation and marketing advice on commercial and residential development opportunities.

We pride ourselves on the skill, experience and dedication of our sales and acquisition team which provides valuation advice, undertakes site sourcing for clients and leads negotiations for disposals and purchases of property.

Real Estate Consultancy

Caldecotte Group is a multidisciplinary practice that applies its expertise in several areas to support your projects in the UK. Our broad base of clients operare across all sectors of industry, and they place their trust in us thanks to our leading expertise, pragmatism and customer-focused advice. Beyond offering strategic advice around each and every phase of your project, we offer a comprehensive range of services including Property Surveying, Town Planning and Asset Management.

Our continued investment in our people, our technology and our processes maintain our focus on delivering the best possible results for our clients. Get in touch with expert team at Caldecotte Group today to discuss projects, goals and end objectives. Our staff can show you the way: it’s what we do.