Asset Management

At Caldecotte Group, we look to unlock value in assets by looking at how they could be better utilised either in their current use or by looking at alternative uses.

Advice on alternative use potential

Our expert team can advise on whether opportunities exist for changes of use and re-development. We can advise on the actions needed to achieve this including any planning matters that would need to be addressed along the way.

Auditing real estate portfolios for uplift opportunities

Whether we are looking at a single site or a portfolio containing hundreds of properties, we are able to undertake a detailed review of every asset and identify whether an opportunity could exist to extract additional value.

Identifying occupiers for specific assets

Caldecotte Group has an extensive client database, ranging from multinational companies to small independents. With only basic information, our team can identify potential occupiers for specific properties based on the location, local demographic and the qualities of the site/building.

Feasibility Studies and Development Appraisals

Feasibility Studies are preliminary works to establish whether a proposal is deliverable. They outline the options available, the anticipated end result and any pitfalls that may be encountered. Development Appraisals can be run in tandem and will look at a multitude of factors including cost and timeframe and offer a detailed valuation for a proposal with the benefit of planning.