Preventative & Planned Maintenance

Our job is to ensure we know your properties inside and out and we view all of our clients as partners, with a view to be integrated as part of your business. Facilities management is not just about reactive maintenance but, very much about highlighting maintenance costs for future budgeting purposes. We give you the right advice which will in turn, result in cost savings.

We are experts in identifying areas to minimise risk and disruption of your business at an early stage. We appreciate that your properties will experience a great deal of foot traffic in its lifetime so, ensuring the right materials and quality of workmanship is paramount in our minds. Discussing various scenarios with you will ensure the best possible outcome.

We Provide You With:

  • Access support to our own in-house surveyors, planning consultants, architects and designers. Excellent relationships with our contractors who become our eyes and ears on the ground
  • Bespoke software which identifies the history of each property asset
  • Modelling to provide you with possible forward maintenance, preventing unwelcome future costs
  • Awareness of energy efficient products and ways of improving your Green Footprint
  • Undertaking CAPEX schemes, large or small, inside or outside
  • Health & Safety is our top priority with advice and guidance every step of the way

Our wide knowledge, integration into your business model and, reporting system ensures that we minimise your risk and, not just point out the obvious. We really can make the difference in supporting your business grow, providing you with methods to ensure best service and expertise.

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